The Soviet history research lab kindly invites you to the first research seminar “Questioning the Soviet past: the use of oral history in contemporary Russian and Ukraine” by Oksana Myshlovska (IHEID, Univ.of Bern), Barbara Martin( IHEID) and Nataliya Borys (GSI, UNIGE).

During the seminar, each presenter will present very briefly her research and experience of oral history by focusing on the main use of oral history. Then each presenter will answer on the following questions:

  • Which are the main problems encountered in your oral history projects?
  • Why there are no interview projects about the socialist past, and particularly about the late Soviet period in Ukraine?
  • Which tools and methodological approaches do you use in your interviews?
  • Which are the particularities to interview the intelligentsia or the “ordinary” people?  
  •  Which books did (coups de coeur) help you the most in understanding the interviewing or oral history?
  • What do you do if you realize that your interviewees lie?  
  • How does the family history play a role in interviews?
  • Which were the main “memory knots” in your interviews?