Nataliya Borys is the founder and the main manager of the research group. She is a SNSF PhD candidate at the University of Geneva. Her research project covers Soviet Ukrainian-Polish academic collaboration among historians: academic connections, transnational exchanges and scholar networks (the 1960s-1990s) under the academic supervision of Professor Korine Amacher.

Read her articles and  posts about the group’s workshops and conferences: Conference “Knowledge and ideological frontlines. Europe and the Black Sea region after World War II”, Blagoevgrad University, Bulgaria, 24 April 2020; Reflections on international conference “Re-thinking socialism: memory, knowledge and oblivion of the socialist past” Sofia, November 7-9, 2019Modernization/demodernization in post-Soviet Eastern Europe by Mikhail Minakov, 2019“Questioning the Soviet past: the use of oral history in contemporary Russia and Ukraine”, 8th of March 2019. Some thoughts about the workshop and general discussion.

She is also involved in the projects in the Caucasian region and in Iran, mainly in the EYP (European Youth Parliament) forums. She wrote articles about last forums, and political changes in Armenia, conducted interviews in the Caucasian region, and managed the fascinating project, the Silk Road forum in Iran in 2016.